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AKG-47 Magpul Furniture (2019 Q2 Batch)

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This model of AKG-47 has a Magpul Short Handguard, a Magpul MOE Pistol Grip, and a Phoenix buttsock with trapdoor.


The AKG-47 is an American built 7.62x39 AKM that is purpose built to be the affordable, yet reliable AK that you've been looking for.


The AKG-47 starts life as a new production, virgin Romanian military grade parts kit. It's built on a standard 1mm stamped steel receiver using Russian spec rivets, and fitted with a cold hammer forged Romanian barrel. Once completed, the rifles are Cerakoted by "We Plead the 2nd." Rifles are then inspected for quality control purposes, and come zeroed at 200 yards.


All AKG-47's are hand built, and every one is personally inspected/test fired by me (Brandon Herrera, the owner) to ensure you get a rifle worthy of the "AK Guy" name.


Quick Specs:

Romanian Military Parts Kit

Cold Hammer Forged Barrel


Cerakoted "Graphite Black"

Magpul Short Handguard

Magpul MOE Pistol Grip

Side-Rail Included

Polished G2 Trigger

XTech 30 Round Magazine (1)

Lifetime Warranty


*Pictured with the JMac Customs RRD-4C muzzle brake. These rifles will ship with a standard slant-brake unless otherwise requested. 


 Q2 Batch Expected to ship in June


***Rifles must be shipped to a valid, current Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).  Please have the shipping address of the FFL of your choice before placing your order.

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