Romanian PSL – Custom 18″ Barrel


Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

This is a Romanian PSL, chambered in 7.62xr54r. We got this as a box of leftover parts, chopped the barrel to 18″ and threaded 14×1 LH, and put the rifle together.
We only have the one and we’re not making more.


  • 18″ barrel
  • KNS adjustable gas piston
  • 14×1 LH muzzle threads, concentric for suppressor use
  • Muzzle device detent added
  • Original “FPK Dragunov” marked imported Romanian receiver. Old receiver extension plates removed, replaced with new ones of a proper hardness.
  • Includes one magazine

The finish is rough, it’s been used a good bit. Expect dings, scratches, and missing finish. The stock has a few small splits in the grip area that were repaired.
The bore is in great shape, it doesn’t appear to have been shot much before becoming a parts kit.

Out of stock

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