AK-224 (Deposit)

AK-224 (Deposit)

Regular price $500.00

This is the deposit only for the AK-224, the first (and only) AK pattern rifle in .224 Valkyrie. These are built on heavily modified AK-74 parts kits, using a completely made from scratch, purpose built .224 Valkyrie AK barrel. They feed from standard and readily available AK-74 5.45 magazines with no modifications needed, although the capacity should be limited to 10 to ensure proper feeding. All guns will be hand built and have the actions smoothed and tuned.


Rifles will ship with an ALG AKT, Tango Down grip, handguard rail (TBD), and side rail mount.


We will use these deposits to gauge demand, and see how many rifles will be built. These may be a one-time-only run, so if you want one of the only AK-224's, now is the time to speak up.


Final payment (not including initial deposit) is expected to be between $1,200-$1500, depending on options and production demands. 

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