AK-63d Underfolder – Factory Find


Comrade, Avtomat Kalashnikova is excellent, but can you make fold?

Now available – 7.62×39 underfolding AKM rifles


  • Receivers for these rifles came pre-riveted with the AK Factory purchase, then were checked over and corrected by us as-needed. Headspacing, population, final assembly, etc was done by us at The AK Guy Inc.
  • Shop Pickup / Battlefield Pickup finish – expect scratches, dings, and general wear.
  • Built with a surplus Hungarian parts kit, all forged components
  • Chrome-lined barrel
  • Ships in a padded hard case
  • Includes a X-Tech OEM-47 magazine

For those of you with keen eyes, yes those yellow tags are “repair” tags. We just use them because we have them.

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