Brutally utilitarian.

Originally built behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary at the famous FÉG Arms Factory, the AK-63D has become iconic through it’s use in conflict zones around the world.
Here’s the specs:

  • All original Hungarian parts kit rebuilt by us
  • AK-Builder cold hammer forged, chrome lined 7.62×39 barrel
  • Parts refinished with Russian Paint over zinc Parkerizing as per original factory spec
  • Trunnion and bolt match, the rest does not.
  • Chefur Custom domed center support rivet for unrivaled authenticity
  • Tapco G2 trigger group, polished hammer
  • Original surplus slant brake
  • Ships in a hard case
  • Includes one Magpul 30 round magazine – the pictured 20 rounder is not included

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