Lady Boy – 5.45×39 Underfolder

With great power, comes great responsibil – haha just kidding.

Dong lovers rejoice, Purists shudder, the average customer just wants an AK. Well, boy do we have one hell of an AK for you.

When Brandon bought the AK Factory, we knew there would be some weird things in there but this… this takes the cake.


  • 5.45×39 caliber, accepts all standard AK-74 magazines
  • Polish Wz.88 Tantal surplus parts kit built onto an underfolding receiver by the previous factory owners
  • QC, touchups, headspacing, barrel population, and final assembly done by us at The AK Guy Inc
  • Shop pickup finish – these will be cosmetically blemished with dents, dings, and scratches from storage and building.
  • Expect rust pitting from before refinish – this is the condition we got them in.
  • New US-made “reverse dong” wood foregrips by APS Firearms
  • Chrome lined barrel
  • Ships in a hard case
  • Includes one Magpul 30 round P-mag

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